About Us

Mike Sanders became immersed in antiques and collectibles when he was married to his late wife, Karen, and they decided to purchase antique furniture for their home. Believe it or not, in the 1970’s antiques were IN and could be purchased for reasonable prices. But Mike had always loved old furniture, probably due to his grandparents and all the beautifully polished and primped furnishings they had. The best place to find furniture when he first married was at antique or thrift shops. As time went by his late wife took up shopping for older items as a weekend activity and soon Mike and Karen had somewhat of a warehouse of items.

When he originally began his store it was called Mission Street Antiques and Collectibles (now Luz’s Hair & Nail Beauty Shop). When Karen passed away in 2006, Mike eventually turned his attention to community mindedness and to maintaining his antiques & collectibles business.

In 2007 Mike discovered a person of like-mind in Miki Landseadel-Sanders, a teacher from the Sacramento area. Within 3 years they established The San Miguel Mercantile. Their forays into Ferndale, California, particularly of The Golden Gait Mercantile in Ferndale, provided them with an image of small town charm and the capacity of a shop in such neighborhoods to inspire local and traveling customers.

Today The San Miguel Mercantile continues to live up to Mike and Miki’s sense of community and possibilities.

Mike and Miki established a Garden Shop in their Mercantile in March of 2018 to help promote healthy care of the soil, planting success and to provide access to organic and heirloom seeds to their customers. On April 7, 2018 there will be a workshop by the Management of Black Diamond Vermicompost from 10 AM to 11:30 AM at the San Miguel Mercantile. Other workshops of this type will take place from time to time at this location. Mike and Miki’ll make sure you’re notified.

As members of the San Miguel Chamber of Commerce, Mike & Miki promote the maintenance of the San Miguel Sidewalk Gardens and the San Miguel Bench Program. They are regularly engaged in advancing the Sagebrush Days Parade and Peddlers Faire (April 28, 2018), the San Miguel Car Show on Labor Day Weekend, Toys for Tots in early December and the Christmas Lights Parade and Crafts Faire (December 15, 2018).

Feel Free to call Mike at (805) 712-9120 or Miki at (805) 975-6996 regarding their Mercantile and its latest offerings.

The San Miguel Mercantile is located at 1141 A Mission Street in San Miguel, CA., but you can also email Mike at michaelj.sanders9@gmail.com for applications to the above events. You may also download these applications at www.sanmiguelchamber.org .